• Paris Apartment
    Paris Apartment
  • Acanthus Console in bronze
    Acanthus Console in bronze
  • Flying New Zealander Drinks Trolley
    Flying New Zealander Drinks Trolley
  • Libertine Three Tier Chandelier
    Libertine Three Tier Chandelier
  • Wing Back Chair
    Wing Back Chair
  • Pomegranate Coffee Table
    Pomegranate Coffee Table
  • Ambassador Marquise Chandelier
    Ambassador Marquise Chandelier
  • Son of Atlantis Chair
    Son of Atlantis Chair
  • Atol Coffee Table
    Atol Coffee Table
  • Gypsy Rose Piccolo Wall Light
    Gypsy Rose Piccolo Wall Light
  • Ammonite Coffee Table
    Ammonite Coffee Table
  • Alluminium San Demas Chairs
    Alluminium San Demas Chairs
  • Tzar Standard Lamp Olympia Wall Light

    The Brazier-Jones home dates from the mid-17th century and as its name “The Pykel” suggests it was originally a collection of small farm buildings arranged around a courtyard. With his set-building skills, Brazier-Jones has transformed the existing house with its 1970s suburban peach walls into a wonderfully welcoming space that has been furnished with antiques collected by the couple as well as his own idiosyncratic designs. His work has an engaging familiarity about it, due to its use of symbolism or referencing of historic styles, which means that stylistically, it suits the old building very well. The overall space has a quirky randomness, which could perhaps be best described as “pared-down eclectic” with its lack of paintings on the walls and magpie-like clusters of found objets d’art.